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Clothes for Curvy Body: Learn How to Choose the Right One

clothes for curvy women

About dressing up a curvy figure, the bombshell model Candice Huffine said, “Some of the rules for dressing a curvier shape are so archaic, I really think it’s time for a shake-up. If you think of your wardrobe as a hiding place, how can it be any fun?” Relating to her words, in this article we are going to talk about how to choose the proper clothes for curvy women. This will help you explore the fashion world more for a plus size wardrobe.

Rule of Thumb

The first rule about choosing the right outfit is – there is no rules. Nothing can be worse than killing the idea of getting dressed. You should always wake up with an excitement of having fun with your outfit and that will make you look different from others. Try to have an original fashion statement. Even though there are so much talking goes on about what should and shouldn’t a curvy woman can wear, but one shouldn’t actually be afraid of trying out new things.

Most Flattering Styles


plus size pencil dress


Your style depends totally on your figure shape. If you have a thinner waist but full bust and hip then a classic bodice with a full skirt could be the ultimate figure flatterer. If you have a flat stomach then try a narrow fitted pencil dress. And you can always go out in flared maxi dress. For casual wear, a colorful top with a nice jacket and a nice trousers/jeans will do the proper work.

Feel Free to Wear Prints


print clothes for curvy figure


There is an idea going on that fuller figure women should wear dark colors or black only. But I think there’s no limitation while choosing the color or print. It’s all about choosing the right silhouette first, and looking out for a pattern that has a flattering placement. If the idea of head-to-toe prints is still daunting, then why not try a fun tailored jacket and keep your basic choices underneath?

Use Slimming Props


slimming props


A belt has always been an easy fashion fix for too long. Often it can complicate a look but if you know how to use it and what kind of outfit you are wearing, then belt is the best option for you to make your waist look slimmer. A nice and classic pumps give your legs taller look. Try to avoid anything that strap around the ankle, as it cuts off the line off the leg while wearing a dress.

Good Tailoring is Always Important

It is important to remember the good tailoring as that is how you decide which part of your body you’d like to enhance. Also you can cleverly take away focus from the parts of your body you don’t feel comfortable to show off. Even if all parts of your outfit are not well tailored you can still fix it with a nice blazer. This always works as a secret weapon for plus size figures.

blazer for curvy women 
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